blaisebrusiato (blaisebrusiato) wrote,

My first entry

Well Taf, here it is, you made me do it!

This is obviously my first entry. I signed up here more to view my friend Tafyrn's account, but now that I have set it up, I think maybe I will use it to keep track of what's going on at my Furcadia dream, "The Drakorian Rail Road".

At the current time, the railroad is on hold due to the personal issues of some of the team members, including finding gainful employmet, and moving. The dragonspeak is a little more then half done by my estimate and should be sone fairly soon once enough of the before mentioned personal issues are taken care of.

Eventually I will put in a second post about this giving the history to date of the railroad.

If you know what Furcadia is, try this link :

If you do NOT know what Furcadia is, try this link :
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