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Train update, and stuff

Well, the programming is coming along well. Unfortunatly with the minute limit of 8000 lines of code, it will take aproximately 18,000 lines to do all that I want to do. So much for that. I will have to remove one entire train (from the animations, The train will remain on the map). I decided that I would use the niced steam engine on the animated passanger train, and stow the diesels on the freight train and let em just sit there.
Also by adding two objects, I was able to transform the "Tafyrn" coach into an Observation / First Class combine. The interiors match well.
Speaking of interiors, they have been modified and are ready to go in the other direction when the DS comes in.

On a more personal note, a long story short, my 90 year old grandmother became unable to live unattended several months ago and moved to a nursing home. In an effort to keep her upstairs tennent, and daughter-in-law in the house, and furthermore keep the house within the family, my mom and dad moved in. Our house has been empty of people but most of our stuff remained there.
Renectly my older brother by seven years returned to Connecticut from Florida with his wife and 3 children and the old house was given to him. For him and the children to move in, our stuff has to move out, so until that is completed, he is staying here at my grandmothers with us.. We have a four room house, living room, study, master bedroom and kitchen, with two 1/2 baths (one room at one end of the house, in the master bedroom has a toilet in it, and another toom at the other end of the house has a shower and sink..). In that house lives my mom, 56; dad, 51; older brother, 32; sister-in-law; 3?, their three kids, 4, 6, and 8; myself, 25 and my fiancee, 20. Mom and Dad in the master bedroom, brother and his wife on cots in the living room, my fiancee and I on apare matress in the study, and the kids on a cot mattress in the kitchen. As you can figure that is a bit of a hectic situation.
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